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Sonic Island Media is a media arts production house focused on affecting the culture through the arts. Creative services are directed by Ralph Burnett and some very talented partners. Our visual arts media team produces advanced web designs, commercial and corporate videos and almost any type of new media content. The Internet has become the “wild west” of new media and Sonic Island Media is here to help you craft your story and clearly communicate your message to the world.

Our music arts production team works with established and developing artists on a project by project basis. We produce, arrange and record projects of varied size and scope for master ready content. We also provide mobile recording and post-production for documenting live events. Analog to digital media transfer services, such as LP and tape to CD (and other digital media formats), are also available.

Sonic Island Media also has a growing library of original soundtrack music available for licensing and placement in television and film projects or to enhance any type of visual media. 


Whether you are planning on reaching out with a professional Corporate Video, Commercial Video, Music Video, Video Presentation, or just an Informational Video for posting to the Web, Sonic Island Media can produce original content videos and help you creatively tell your story.



Our work includes the discovery, development and representation of emerging talents, selectively identified through referrals from professional sources. We are commissioned to create original materials tailored to the artists individual expression and creative style. We believe that music is a gift from God but that no substitute exists for hard work. We share the perspective with our artists that striving for excellence is a life-long passion and a great way to live each day.


Whether you are looking to refresh your current site or create a new one, Sonic Island Media can help build your creative window to the world.  Our design team utilizes powerful visual tools such as Flash technology to help tell your story in fresh new ways and we can deploy many other types of multimedia such as video players, audio players, photo galleries, file downloads, custom forms, embedded documents, even Google Maps and direct links to YouTube and Vimeo.  Plus we can also provide direct links to all your social media groups on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Here is a project list of some of the clients and partners we have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

  • A.C. Dike Company
  • Aaron Christian
  • Adventure Christian Church
  • American Jazz Radio Festival
  • American Public Media
  • Analog Jazz
  • Andy Cerrona
  • Angela Flores
  • Bayside Church
  • BBC
  • Bianchi Sound
  • Brittany Fallbeck
  • C.O.D.
  • Chris Gallegos
  • Christy Humphrey
  • Combie Bible Church
  • Cyber-sport
  • Dan Robinson
  • Danae Reeser
  • DaniMarie
  • Dave McClain
  • David Chaddock
  • Desert Rain
  • Eric Bianchi
  • Erik Smith
  • ESPN
  • Evelyn Robinson
  • Face Of Five
  • Film DaVinci
  • FLCS Choir
  • FLCS Worship Team
  • FLCS Cheerleaders
  • Fresh Air Media
  • Greg Douglass
  • Hannah Canty
  • HBO
  • Hearts Of Three
  • INH
  • Jeff Batson
  • Joe Trejo
  • Jon Young
  • JVC Jazz
  • Ken Kendall
  • Kittie Mahnke
  • Lake of the Pines Music
  • Lydia Murray
  • Magorian Mine Services
  • Marketplace Radio
  • Michael Howard
  • Mike Pinder
  • Mikel Pau
  • NPR
  • Pascal Rachmanoff
  • Pete Welty
  • Placer HS Cheerleaders
  • Planet Earth Music
  • Ridgeline Entertainment
  • Robby Ring
  • Ryan Hooper
  • Shara Candido
  • St. Patricks Church
  • Steve Mullins
  • SWL (Speak With Love)
  • Syntax
  • The Toys
  • Tim Palmer
  • Valerie Tejeda
  • 49 Fire Benefit Concert
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